Guess who’s 9 months old?!?!

My one and only Maggie is turning 9 months old this week and I wanted to get a jump on her pictures. I couldn’t resist wanting to take them today as it was so pretty outside and the beautiful sunlight was just filling the house. We had to take a few breaks for feedings and play time so she wouldn’t get too upset, but overall she was just wonderful all day for us. I am so happy that the weather was nice so it allowed me to venture outside to get some shots using my chairs* that have been patiently waiting for the past month to become a key part of my pictures. I hope you all enjoy and I will start off with Alie’s favorite:






And we had some great black and white conversions too!!



I really love this next one. I was using the blinds as a diffuser for the light and there were a few spaces/cracks that allowed bands of light to show through resulting in the bright light head band on her in this picture. I know it shouldn’t be there, but I just love this picture.


Maggie giving us her pouty lip 😀



With little Maggie crawling all over the place now, I really wanted to get some crawling shots to show this milestone for her. She was soooo much fun today and it was also nice to have Juju (Maggie’s grandmother) come down to join us for the shoot. I ended up putting her to work holding a reflector for me so Alison could keep up with Maggie, but just having Juju here was a great help to all of us.

Happy 9 months Maggie – Mommy and Daddy (and Dexter too) Love You!!!


*I actually used the red parlor chair in Jack’s pictures, but it hasn’t been displayed and used as a focal point like this. Besides the parlor chair, the black chair and one more bonus chair (yet to be used yet) were some of my other cool finds when I went on a prop hunt a month ago.


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  1. Kerri

    Josh, that Maggie sure is adorable. She is just the perfect little blend of you and Alie. The pictures all look amazing! Thanks for sharing them!

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