…lazy day…

Well, we decided that if the weather was nice enough on Saturday that we would take a family trip to the flea market down at the fairgrounds. Well, the wind was a little cool, but the sun was shining and we just love going so there wasn’t much stopping us. After spending quite a while down there, we were all getting a little tired so we packed up and came home. Before we left, I managed to snap a quick shot of my wonderful little family (minus me of course :)).


 Well once we got home, everyone crashed, even little Dexter dog! After about 45 minutes Maggie was up and so were the rest of us so I took advantage of the nice light coming through our bedroom window.



(Isn’t my beautiful wife just lovely :D)


Little Dexter will have to make more appearances on here as he sometimes gets left out since little Maggie came along. He was sporting his new shirt that said “Good Dog” that we got for him at the flea market! What a lazy day the rest of the day turned out to be…



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2 responses to “…lazy day…

  1. AWESOME picture of Alie, Maggie, & Dex!

  2. Kerri

    I love that you all still take Dexter to the flea market. I’m sure it keeps your hands full just with Maggie, so I’m sure he feels very special getting to go too! These pictures are so beautiful.

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