Baseball Practice

I love attending any event that allows me to bring my camera as I can always use the extra practice to improve. Well, I found out the other day that my nephews were starting baseball and they were going to have a practice this past weekend. Unfortunately Brea & J (their parents) weren’t able to take the boys to practice so Poppa Eddie was going to take them.  Well, what could be better…first time ball players and a nice day to take pictures so I asked if I could go too 🙂

 So Poppie Eddie and I got to watch an hour of practice and here are a few of my favorites:


(this one reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes moment. I managed to catch them mid-stride chasing after the same ball)


 There are a few more on my Flickr as I didn’t want take up too much room here!



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4 responses to “Baseball Practice

  1. I love those pictures…Way to go on your new blog honey! I love you!~Alie

  2. Kerri

    Congratulations on your new blog, Josh! I am always amazed by the photographs you create. You do wonderful work, and I look forward to seeing even more on here. I’ll be watching!

  3. Ooh, I love the last one of them squatting down. Great pictures! Just added you to my google reader so I don’t miss any pics!

  4. Karin

    Josh, I love your new blog!! You are so talented!! I love looking at all your absolutely stunning pictures– you just blow me away with the way you are able to capture such beautiful moments. Of course, your models are beautiful as well. I want to wish you great success with your new business. I can’t wait to see you, Alie, Maggie, and Dexter Bing. Only 6 more weeks until I am in TN!! Yay!!

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